Revealing the being within through masquerade.

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Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, I learned my trade from Andrea Masse-Tongetti ( Inspired by her leather crafting techniques, I finally found an outlet for my love of the symbolism and beauty of masks!

I have been crafting leather masks and accessories since 2009. I also work as a fantasy illustrator by day, where my love of Art Nouveau and Romantic art inspires my leather crafts.

It is my hope that my masks and accessories can help you channel the essence of the character hidden within and draw on your true potential to be beautiful, terrifying, or anything your imagination can conjure!

My leather items are meticulously carved by hand, soaked in water, and baked in the oven to harden them. After hardening, I paint my items by hand, where I get to have the real fun of the entire process. For more info, see my FAQ.

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