I have a total of 10 slots available! Check my commission queue to see where you are on my list.
E-mail me your commission request for consideration.  Before e-mailing me, please be aware of the following:

  • I am not required to take your commission.  I will only be accepting requests which interest me.
  • Clients who pay first will be slotted in first.  My standard turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks for an item.  I work in order chronologically, #1 being the first, #2 being next, and so on and so forth.  Please bear this in mind when coming to me with a short deadline.
  • I will charge extra for rush orders.  Rush orders will be bumped up on the list.

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Commission Rates for Angelic Artisan
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To be slotted in first, pay in advance.
Otherwise, I address commissions on a first come, first to pay, first served basis.


Custom work which I will have to create a new pattern for will require a non-refundable fee of 25% of the estimated total cost of the job to cover the labor of creating the design sketches for approval.  E-mail me your requests and I will approve or reject them based on my schedule and interest.


I prefer Paypal, but will accept credit/debit card (via Paypal) which does not require you to have a Paypal account.  If you dislike Paypal, I can create a listing for you on Etsy where you may pay using Etsy’s direct checkout credit/debit card processor. I handle all of my commissions via reserved listings on Etsy by default, so be prepared to join the site unless you prefer to pay outside of Etsy instead.  Etsy is also set up to allow for private custom listings, should you wish to buy privately.  I can also do custom orders outside of Etsy with Paypal, if you wish to avoid Etsy altogether.  Let me know your payment method preference when you send your commission request.

For items $100 or more, I allow a customer to pay in installments until their balance is paid.  Items under $100, however, must be paid up front before work begins. Final items will be sent after the total balance is paid.  We will agree on a payment schedule beforehand which will be documented via a contract of payment agreement. NOTE that items requiring multiple payment installments will be handled only through Paypal which also accepts debit/credit cards without requiring you to join, money orders, or checks.  I will wait till checks clear before final item is mailed to the client.


Items will generally be shipped via USPS with tracking.  Shipping is calculated separately from the prices mentioned above.  Insurance and rushed shipping available upon request.

International clients, please be aware that you may be required to pay a customs duty fee.  I will mark all international orders as ‘merchandise’ since I am an established business and it is illegal for me to do otherwise.  I will not offer refunds for those who did not pick up their items from customs because they did not want to pay their customs fees.

NOTE: I cannot mail leather items to Italy because they are prohibited!


  • Yes I DO accept requests for fanmake and cosplay costume items. However, these items are NOT meant for resell!
  • Any unclaimed commissions will be auctioned off or sold. If you don’t give me a good reason as to why you didn’t follow through, you will also be added to my blacklist.


Get in touch with me via email me with your request.