You can read more details about my commission process here.  If interested in custom work from Angelic Artisan, please e-mail your request.  Be aware of the following before making your request:

  • I am not required to take your commission.  I will only be accepting requests which interest me.
  • Clients who pay first will be slotted in first.  My standard turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks for an item.  I work in order chronologically, #1 being the first, #2 being next, and so on and so forth.  Please bear this in mind when coming to me with a short deadline.
  • I will charge extra for rush orders.  Rush orders will be bumped up on the list.

(Limit of 10 total) Commissions CLOSED!

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Waitlisted (Awaiting Payment)
Being waitlisted means there will be no progress on your project until you pay.  You will not be guaranteed a slot in the queue, meaning other projects will be worked on before yours.  If you have a short deadline, you may have to pay a rush fee if there are too many people ahead of you.

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